May 7, 2015

Do File – Logistics regression II

global ylist Contract_e1 global xlist Age d_notgoingschool No_of_child Marital_status social_group own_boat human_spec frequency Riskbehavior search_costs nego_costs monitor_costs trust market_info connected_lending Andon_fisher d_javanese d_bugis uncertainty describe $ylist $xlist summarize $ylist $xlist tab $ylist reg $ylist $xlist vif logit $ylist $xlist linktest *UNIVARIABLE ANALYSIS (P<0.25) logit Contract_e1 Age logit Contract_e1 Age , or logit Contract_e1 d_notgoingschool logit Contract_e1 d_notgoingschool , or logit Contract_e1 No_of_child logit Contract_e1 No_of_child , or logit Contract_e1 Marital_status logit Contract_e1 Marital_status , or logit Contract_e1 social_group logit Contract_e1 social_group , or logit Contract_e1 own_boat logit Contract_e1 own_boat , or logit Contract_e1 human_spec logit Contract_e1 human_spec , or logit […]
May 7, 2015

Do File – STATA I (Logistics regression)

#delimit; capture clear; cd “C:\ANALYSIS\Dias”; capture log close; log using do1, replace; set more off; set scheme sj; set seed 1100; #delimit cr use “C:\ANALYSIS\Dias\STATA Final 01052015.dta”, clear gen Age_sq=Age^2 gen D_Java=Ethnic==1 gen D_Bugis=Ethnic==3 rename b4_fishing_main_occup fishing_main global indiv Age Age_sq Marital_status i.Education No_of_child own_house D_Java D_Bugis global fishing i.fishing_main own_boat global costs search_costs nego_costs monitor_costs global risk_trust Riskbehavior trust global info_lending market_info connected_lending global xlist $indiv $fishing $costs $risk_trust $info_lending global ylist Contract_e1 *Descriptive stats xi:mean $xlist, over($ylist) outreg2 using xlist_des, replace stat(coef se) excel title(Difference in characteristics, by participation in contract) *t-test xi:estpost ttest $xlist, by($ylist) eststo ttest […]
April 30, 2015

Online course [academic writing]

Academic writing Resources designed to support postgraduate level academic writing skills: the eWriting online course, Writing a First Year Report independent study course, and Writing Up Qualitative Research independent study course. Link:
April 29, 2015

[Video] Sistem pembayaran non-tunai

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