Banking Management

January 26, 2019

Course Outline – Banking Management

Financial and Banking Management An Economic analysis of financial structure Book Chap.8 Mishkin Download PPT Assigments II – Questions and problems No.1,2,3. Assigments I – Translations Krisis Perbankan, link: Pelajaran Krisis Asia 1997. Download book: Banking and the management of financial institutions Book Chap.9 Mishkin Banking industry: structure and competition Book Chap 10. Mishkin Economic Analysis of Banking regulation Book Chap.11 Mishkin Getting back to first principles (Bank 4.0) Book Chap. 1 Bret King 4.0 Download Book What the Internet and “CrackBerry” Have Taught Customers Book Chap. 1 Bret King 2.0 Download Book Measuring the Customer Experience Book Chap. 2 […]