May 6, 2014

CFA confirmatory factor analysis Don’t forget to put “parameters weight” 1 in one of the latent variables. [youtube][/youtube]
May 3, 2014

SEM problem

SEM is represented by an ellipse in the path diagram solusi: ubah nama pada construct, biasanaya nama pada construct sama dengan nama pada dataset sehingga SEM tidak akan berjalan (running)
December 5, 2013

Panduan SEM
November 28, 2013

SEM: how to interpret

source: This example presents results from structural equation modeling analysis performed on a single group. There are many measures of fit for confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The author should provide information on several of these and may want to give a reference justifying those that are included. Each year new measures emerge as well as better understanding of the distribution of established measures. It is normally expected that the RMSEA will be included. Chi-square, the degrees of freedom, and the probability of the chi-square must always be reported. For a discussion of fit indices see: McDonald, […]