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  杨勇于2021年9月入职上海第二工业大学经济与管理学院,担任全职教授。他在英国萨塞克斯大学担任客座教授, 英国全球化研究中心访问学者,自2013年起担任博士生导师。之前,杨勇在英国萨塞克斯大学担任副教授(2012.10 -2017.06),于2017年6月在该校晋升为准教授。在英国埃塞克斯大学担任了2年全职讲师(2010-2012),在英国布鲁内尔大学全职担任1年研究员(2009-2010),期间是欧盟委员会FP-7 GLOBINN项目的主要研究员之一。他在英国伦敦玛丽女王大学取得商业和管理博士学位。杨勇的研究聚焦在企业国际化、外商直接投资区位选择、国际知识转移、出口与企业绩效。杨勇现担任International Journal of Finance and Economics (SSCIABS 3*) 期刊副主编,并担任Economic Modelling (SSCI Q1)跨国企业全球价值链和数字经济企业技术转移专刊主编。担任International Business Review (SSCI Q1)和Cross-Cultural & Strategic Management(SSCI Q3)期刊编委,在20多家权威期刊担任审稿专家,包括Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Research Policy等。

  Yong Yang joined as a Professor at the School of Economics and ManagementinShanghai Polytechnic University in September 2021. Heis a Visiting Professor at the University of Sussex and a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Globalization Research. He has been a PhD supervisor since 2013. He was an Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer(Oct 2012 – May 2017) and promoted to Reader in Strategy in June 2017 in the University of Sussex. Before that, he was a lecturer (2010-2012) in International Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Essex. He worked on a FP7 project funded by the European Commission at Brunel University, UK, for one year. He obtained his PhD in Business and Management from Queen Mary University of London. His research interests are internationalization process of firms, location choice of foreign direct investment, international knowledge transfer, and exporting and firm performance. Yong Yang is an Associate Editor for the International Journal of Finance and Economics (SSCIABS 3*),and is a Guest Editor on Economic Modelling (SSCI Q1) for a special issue of multinational enterprises and global value chains, and for a special issue of International Knowledge Flows in the Digitalized World.He ison editorial review board for International Business Review(SSCI Q1) and Cross-Cultural & Strategic Management(SSCI Q3), and a reviewer for over 20 journals including Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Research Policy,among others.



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  · Wu, Yan and Yang, Yong and Mickiewicz, Tomasz. (2023). Corruption, the digital sectors, and the profitability of foreign subsidiaries in emerging markets. Journal of Business Research, 161, 113848.

其他论文发表 Other publications

  · Athreye, Suma andYang, Yong (2011)Disembodied knowledge flows in the World Economy[a background paper forWorld Intellectual Property Organisation United Nationsreport]

  · Yang, Yong and Martins, Pedro (2011) `Multinational Performance and Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence from 46 Countries` in `Firm-level Internationalisation, Regionalism and Globalisation` (AIB Book Chapter); editors: Jenny Berrill, Elaine Hutson and Rudolf Sinkovics,Palgrave MacMilla, Houndmills, Basingstoke, U.K. 96-112

  · Yang, Yong and Kwong, Caleb (2013) The Role of Language on Affiliates' Competence-Creation: Evidence from the MNE Linkage across 45 Countries, (AIB Book Chapter), `The Changing Geography of International Business`; editors: Gary Cook and Jennifer Johns.Palgrave MacMilla, 114-135

  · Mallick, Sushanta andYang, Yong (2014) `Financing Patterns, Multinationals and Performance: Firm-level Evidence from 47 Countries` in `International Business, Institutions and Performance After the Financial Crisis` (AIB Book Chapter); editors: Yama Temouri and Chris Jones,Palgrave MacMilla, 194-211

  · Gu, Jinlong andYang, Yong and Strange, Roger (2018). Firm Diversification and Financial Performance: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms Worldwide. In Contemporary Issues in International Business (pp. 297-315). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

  · Gu, Jinlong andYang, Yong and Strange, Roger (2019). Acquirer’s Country of Origin and Target Firm’s Performance. In The Changing Strategies of International Business (pp. 135-155). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham

会议/研讨会论文Papers in Conferences/Workshops 

  · 2022: SSPU/Online (March); ECUPSL/Online (April)

  · 2021: AOM/Online (August); Aston/Online (April)

  · 2019: EIBA/Leeds (Dec); AIB/Copenhagen (June); Surrey (June); AIB-UKI/Sussex (April)

  · 2018: SMS/Paris (September); AIB-UKI/Birmingham (April)

  · 2017: SMS/Houston (October); AIB/Dubai (July); AIB-UKI & IB Reading /Reading (April)

  · 2016: EIBA/Vienna (December), SMS/Berlin (September); AIB/New Orleans (June); AIB-UKI /London (April)

  · 2015: AIB-UKI/Manchester (April); AOM/Vancouver (August); SMS/Denver (October);

  · 2014: AIB-UKI/York (April); AIB/Vancouver (June); AOM/Philadelphia (August).

  · 2013: AIB-UKI/Birmingham (March); Reading-UNCTAD/Reading (April); GPEN-CGR/London (June); AIB/Istanbul (July); AOM/Florida (August).

  · 2012: EIBA/Brighton (Dec); NGB/Cambridge (September); AIB-UKI/Liverpool (March); CEA/London (April).

  · 2011: AOM/San Antonio (Aug); EEFS/London (June); CES/Beijing (June); AIB-UKI/Edinburgh (April).

  · 2010: WISE Labor/Xiamen (Dec); GlobInn/Italy (Oct); CAED/London (Sept); SMS/Italy (Sept); AIB/Brazil (June); EEFS/Greece (June); EURAM/Italy (May); AIB-UKI/Dublin (April).

  · 2009: ACE/Hong Kong (Dec); QMUL/London (June).

  · 2008: Maison Franco-Japonaise/Tokyo (Nov); QMUL/London (June); CEA/Cambridge (June).

  · 2007: ACE/Hong Kong (Dec); QMUL/London (June).

  · 2006: ACE/Hong Kong (Dec); ABH/London (June); QMUL/London (June).


  · The principle investigator: ‘Location choices, Knowledge transfer and firm performance’, (Research Development Fund award from School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex), 2016-2017

  · The principle investigator: ‘Global Value Chains and Returns to Multinationality’, (Research Development Fund award from School of Business, Management and Economics,University of Sussex), 2015-2016

  · The principle investigator: ‘International Technology Transfer and Technology Sourcing’, (Internal award from Essex Business School), 2011-2012

  · A research fellow: ‘The Changing Nature of Internationalization of Innovation in Europe: Impact on Firms and the Implications for Innovation Policy in the EU’, FP7- European Commission; Principle investigator: Suma Athreye; Coordinator: Pari Patel at Sussex University), 2009-2011

  · Researcher: ‘Disembodied Knowledge Flows in the World Economy’, (World Intellectual Property Organisation, United Nations, Principle investigator: Suma Athreye), 2011-2012

  ·项目负责人: 上海市高技术产业可持续高质量发展研究, 上海市科学技术委员会, 2022



  · 国际Worldwide level:

  o 2014: Winner, Temple/AIB Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business

  o 2014: Winner, IM Division Douglas Nigh Award, Academy of Management

  o 2013: Finalist, Temple/AIB Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business

  o 2013: Finalist, IM Division Best Paper Award, Academy of Management

  · 英国UK level:

  o 2017: Research Development Fund Award, University of Sussex Business School

  o 2016: Research Development Fund Award, University of Sussex Business School

  o 2011: Research Committee Award, Essex Business School

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